William Schaller (he/him)

Computer Scientist, Software Development Manager

I am currently a Software Development Manager at kdp.amazon.com. Below you will find some of my hobby projects.


- code

A neural network for enhancing images. Written in python.

Smart Dumb Phones

- code

A python service that adds smart phone features to any phone. Features include google map directions, setting reminders, checking surf status, and more.

Arduino Bubble Machine

- more

An arduino powered bubble machine.

Mr. B.O.X

- code

Basic Option Experience. A box I made for class that you communicate with through two buttons, yes and no.

How is the Surf Today

- code

A set of scripts that gather, graph, and sort the surf statuses of every break supported by Surfline.com.

Don't Stop Writing

- visit website

A website to help get rid of writers block by forcing a user to keep writing.